Nature Coast Scientists Speak Out

From Paris to Chile to Antarctica and many places in between, two local couples gathered among them.

Science was on their minds.

Bob Madeiros, a retired engineer, held up an “I love Science” sign while walking with his wife Abby, both from Dunnellon. They walked with thousands in St. Petersburg, this past Earth Day.

NZ_MarchForScienceDominant.JPGThe March for Science, with its key march in Washington, D.C., prompted marches on all seven continents in over 600 cities, including 20 marches in Florida. Recent environmental and energy policy changes in Washington encouraged people to speak out in a non-partisan way encouraging political leaders to implement science-based policies.

For years, the U.S. has been the largest carbon emitter in the world, and is now just behind China. The U.S. holds 5 percent of the world’s population, yet it contributes to nearly 25 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, according to The Nordic Letter on Climate Action and Scientific Integrity signed by more than 450 scientists from 65 institutions intended for the Trump administration on Earth Day.NZ_MarchForScienceSecondary1.JPGThe open letter urges the U.S. to respect scientific integrity and comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, where 195 countries are working to lower green house emissions. The letter states, “For every year of inaction, the required pace of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions becomes harder and more costly to implement.”

“I’m here to support evidence based science, and the fact that you have to use data to make informed decisions,” Abby Madeiros, a retired science teacher said. “You can’t just guess or go by how you feel.”


Dr. Susan Reeder, a psychologist from Inverness who participated in Saturday’s March for Science in St. Petersburg with her husband Dwain, concurred.

“When 98 percent of the scientists researching climate change agree, it is no longer debatable,” Dr. Reeder said. “Now we must focus all our efforts on solving the problem.”

Originally posted in the Citrus County Chronicle

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